Need customized services? I’d love to visit with you

When I left my job as a newspaper executive to start Judy Christie Consulting Services LLC in 2002, I wanted to help people and organizations with Strategies for Meaningful Life & Work.  It’s been fun — and interesting — to put that mission into action — and I hope you’ll consider letting me help with your journey.

At the core of what I do with every client is help them step back and take a fresh look — whether they’re considering a job change, want to grow a nonprofit or are trying to write a book. I’ve worked with church staffs, doctoral candidates, small businesses, corporations, universities, newspapers and a host of others.

Fees available upon request

Talking about money sometimes makes people uncomfortable, but it needn’t. Please don’t hesitate to ask about my fee for your needs. Fees vary according to the size of the group or business, the length of the presentation or project and how much travel is involved. Just send me an email, and we can discuss it. I’ll do my best to work something out with you. You can pay by check or via PayPal, if you prefer to use a debit or credit card.

All inquiries and services are confidential unless you decide you want to discuss them with others.



215H-540Nearly everyone I know feels rushed. They have too much to do — and it seems like not enough time to do it. Many people are working harder, pushed to do more with less. They’re overwhelmed, over-scheduled and overdrawn. They want to step back and take a fresh look at life. Don’t give up! There are simple ways to change your life and work, to achieve new goals and to live with meaning. They aren’t always easy, but they start with the decision to look at life with fresh eyes. This first step is important no matter what your project or priorities, whether you are helping lead a group of thousands or a solitary adventure. This is a subject that I know a lot about — from learning to slow down my own life to writing many books on the subject and visiting with thousands of people about the topic for more than a decade in interviews, coaching, workshops, retreats and more. I’d love the opportunity to work with you or your group —and I’ll come bearing practical, tried-and-true tips, not information to be put in a binder that never leaves the shelf.    


The work I’ll do for you will be customized — no cookie-cutter presentations. I’m happy to hear about your needs and design a Hurry Less, Worry Less or other presentation for your retreat or workshop. I’d love to help you:
• Figure out ways to be more effective at what you do
• Pull your team together
• Venture out on a new journey
• Identify what gives you energy and what drains your energy
• Assess what holds your business or organization back and why
• Identify and eliminate nagging problems As a small business owner, I’m flexible and can make decisions quickly. I will come up with an approach that works for you.    


I speak to groups, organizations, churches and businesses across the country. Whether you need a workshop on ways to hurry less and worry less for your women’s retreat or a time management and productivity training session for employees, I am happy to help. Sample retreats & keynote talks (which will be adapted to your particular needs):
• Hurry Less Worry Less: How to live with joy each day
• Spring Cleaning for the Heart & Soul: A fresh look at enjoying life and work
• Sit Down & Write: How to write a book
• Hurry Less Worry Less at Christmastime
• Following Your Head & Heart: Pursuing your dreams while paying the rent
• Leadership & Fellowship: Being a strong leader while building community
• Self-care for Servant Leaders: How to take care of yourself while caring for others    


I’m an experienced facilitator who guides boards and other groups through tough conversations and productive meetings. As you know, it can often be hard to lead a meeting when you’re involved in the discussion, and that’s a need I often fill for clients. This is a service that clients appreciate so much that they come back again and again. Hope you’ll consider how I might help you in leading or moderating your meetings.    


I provide writing and editing services for a range of unique projects — from drafting and editing an important email to other more in-depth projects. One of my best skills is also one I enjoy greatly — editing. I can help you say what you want to say or get rid of the typos or grammatical errors. I usually have a quick turnaround for these projects, which tend to be time sensitive. A few recent examples: I’ve drafted copy for job query letters, written a client’s letter of resignation, edited advertising copy, proofed a grant proposal and line-edited a manuscript. These writing and editing jobs are all specialized, so you may have a question about how I can help you craft or clean up your message. I’d enjoy hearing from you. While I don’t do substantive fiction edits (sometimes called macro edits), I’m happy to refer you to fine editors who do.    


Do you need results? Do you feel stuck or ready to set goals or make changes?  If so, then contact me about the range of coaching services I offer and resources that are available. Ready for a career change? My career planning package is targeted for your transition to help you improve interview skills, your resume and marketability. I love working with clients as they get ready for a job change, taking away some of the nervousness of such transitions and offering practical tools to relocate. I’ve learned what works — and what doesn’t. Thinking about retiring or trying something new? Learn how to make a successful transition from work to retirement or to your second (or third) career. Consider new options for enjoying this next part of your journey. Are you in a rut? Get more meaning out of life by changing your focus. Find out how to identify what drains your energy, how to increase your enthusiasm, how to reduce the hectic pace of your life and how to fret less.


IMG_5305-540With 15 books — 8 fiction and 7 nonfiction — published and years of experience as a journalist, I enjoy helping writers who need guidance with their writing careers. This includes basic help for beginners (how do I get started?) to time management for dual-career authors who find it hard to sit down and write to accountability and a timeline for writers who are floundering. My Writing Development Program also helps writers make decisions about targeting the correct audience, building a platform to spread the word and what steps to consider on the publishing path. Writing and publishing is a complicated business, but there are guidelines that can make navigating it easier and more enjoyable.


Today’s workplace is all about change — but you don’t need me to tell you that. What I will do is help you deal with that change — from using social media to interviewing job candidates and a range of topics in-between. I can work with you on such issues as:
• Strategic planning
• Building a strong team in tough times
• Building a marketing platform for your business or organization
• Time management
• Serving customers and clients better

My Small Business Packages help clients find better ways to understand customers and increase productivity. I do one-on-one training for small business owners and executives for large companies, as well as provide email and phone support, along with written strategies. I also help clients interview job candidates and prepare job descriptions and evaluation information. With 25 years as a journalist and years recruiting for a major corporation, I am happy to work with you on choosing the right person for your staff.


Working with churches is near and dear to my heart. I can help you take a Fresh Look at Ministry through seminars, employee workshops and one-on-one staff coaching or work with volunteers.  In my years in business and as an active church member, I’ve found that many ministry leaders don’t get to spend enough time at the heart of their ministry. If you and your ministry team are too busy handling details to focus on the vision, I can help you:
• Improve the effectiveness of your ministry team
• Assess community engagement
• Identify & solve ministry challenges
• Implement church marketing strategies, including improved use of social media
• Balance demands of ministry and daily life I work with churches of all denominations and have done numerous projects, 1-on-1 work and workshops for congregations of United Methodists, Presbyterians, Southern Baptists, Lutherans and Catholics.