Kitchen Couch Summer Reading Club time!

It’s time for one of my favorite author activities — our annual Kitchen Couch Summer Reading Club.

This might be the easiest club ever — you don’t have to sign up and you’ll never need a name tag. From the green kitchen couch right here, we can chat about what we’re reading and recommend books to each other.

Whether summer will take you to faraway places, down the street to the neighborhood pool or to the sofa with a fan blowing on your face, the season is at hand for extra reading.

What’s on your list? Leave a comment below, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble or Amazon (your choice). We’ll draw at noon Central Time on June 30.


Gone to Green e-book free

To kick summer off, I’m giving away “Gone to Green,” my first novel, free, as an e-book on Amazon from June 15-19. You can download this onto a free Kindle app and read it on your smartphone, tablet or laptop—or your Kindle, of course.

“Gone to Green” starts a 5-book series about big-city journalist Lois Barker who winds up running a small newspaper in rural Louisiana and falling in love with the town and the people. The series is upbeat, which perhaps we all can use these days, but it also tackles hard topics such as racism and social injustice.


A summer special on Magnolia Market

For more summer reading fun at a bargain, “Magnolia Market,” my Trumpet & Vine novel from HarperCollins, is on sale throughout June for $1.99.

Avery Broussard needs a fresh start, but finds that’s not as easy as the self-help books make it sound. Running a corner grocery store in the fictional town of Samford—named for the street on which I grew up—she finds that she can recover from loss and move on to a second chance at love.


Working on the third book in the Wreath series

This summer I’m finishing the third book in the Wreath Willis series and enjoying Wreath’s journey.

Both teen and adult readers tell me how much they’ve enjoyed watching Wreath grow in “Wreath, A Girl” and “Wreath, In Summer.” Each of these books is available in digital and paperback formats.

Wreath is a 16-year-old whose mother has just died; committed to graduating from high school, she lives alone in a junkyard in rural Louisiana until she can finish school, running from an evil man and trying to make a home with new friends.


Summer Reading Photo Contest

We’ll also have our second annual Summer Reading Photo Contest too! Take a “reading” shot of you or a friend or relative (with their permission, of course) and e-mail it to me judyatjudychristiedotcom (trying to fool the spammers with that).

Last year’s entries ranged from a reader photographing herself in a hammock to a friend reading in her motor home. A judge with photo experience will pick the winner, which will be announced the week after Labor Day. The deadline for e-mailing your entries is 5 p.m. Central Time, Wednesday, September 7. No worries! I’ll remind you again.

What are you reading this summer? Leave a comment for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to buy books!

P.S. I love reading, writing and talking about books and have launched a Facebook author page. Please stop by to like it and keep up with contests, new books and other news.

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